What Do I Wear? Jewish Casual or Jewish Formal?

This article shows the ways in which a member of the Frum Jewish community feels he is being judged on a day to day basis. The author uses the idea that one’s Kippah can express his religious beliefs and practices to explain the surprising correlation between his Kippah style and his every day life in the community. From his perspective, the wearer’s actual individual’s beliefs and practices are irrelevant when it comes to the community making judgements on him.

In today’s world it seems that a religious artifact of Kippah has taken on a new and superficial role of identity expresser. This contrasts the Kippah’s ideal role, that is to remind the wearer that G-d is above him.

The audience of this website is other Jews who understand enough observant Jewish thought and practice to take meaning out of this blog. It is sort of like a day in the life of a Frum jew, with the question of what it means to be Jewish answered by detailing storys that would happen to Frum Jews. This website does a really good job of showing the reader life happenings from a Frum Jew’s perspective, and it may prove useful to examine
this perspective later on in my research.



One thought on “What Do I Wear? Jewish Casual or Jewish Formal?

  1. This is the blog posting I tried to comment on weeks ago. What I had tried to say then was that this middle paragraph could be the start of some interesting thinking — what is the tension between the way that the kippah functions as an internal and external marker of spiritual identity? I also thought that it was interesting that this post comes from a site called Frum Satire — he’s playing up the humor to some extent here, right? Your last paragraph hints at this I think, but I imagine this site would be much funnier to someone who is an insider to the discourses he is using that to someone who doesn’t exactly get what he’s talking about.

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