Measuring the Strength of the Jewish People, Using Identity as an Indicator.

The blog post I read for this entry uses the fast day on the 10th of the Jewish month of Tevet as a springboard  of discussion. It analyzes the concept of Jewish identity using the perspective of the five authors. It breaks the concept into three individual components: cultural Judaism, Zionist identity (Jewish national aspiration), and religious identity, and then explains how these components overlap and play into one another. It then applies this concept to Jews today and uses it as a framework to compare and contrast the strength of the Jewish community today to the strength of the Jewish community during the Hellenistic era. It gauges ‘strength’ in terms of Jewish identity, and concludes that the fast day reminds us of our unfulfilled potential.

Analyzing the social context: five Modern Orthodox Jewish bloggers in Australia wrote the article, through the lens of Modern Orthodox Jews. The article is written in a style that responds to strictly cultural Jews (those who are in tune with their history and culture but not with traditional Jewish laws), but it is unlikely that these Jews will be reading the blog in the first place. Thus it can be concluded that the article is responding to Jews who abide by the traditional code of Jewish law but question the necessity of their practices.



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